A blog entry from Rosie

I wanted to take some time to introduce myself and share a little about why I believe we should be empowered to make decisions for ourselves.

Over the years there have been some really big decisions that have shaped who I am and what my life looks like today. What I decided to study in school, where I decided to go to undergrad and grad school, where I decided to work and live, who I decided to marry, when I decided to have children, why I decided to take certain jobs and not others. We all could develop a list of big decisions that have had profound implications on our lives.

But some decisions that seem small at the time can also be impactful. For example, if I had chosen to stay home and wash my hair that evening over 25 years ago instead of going out with friends, my life would probably be totally different today. Sometimes when we make a decision we just don’t know if or how it will impact us. That’s why having information is so powerful. We believe that having information in advance of making a decision empowers us to make the best decision for each of us. Just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder–so is making the best decision. The best decision for me may look very different than the best decision for you.

Decisions with information give us ownership and control. We get to experience the impact of those decisions as well as the learnings that continue to shape and develop us.

In the case of our vending machines, the snacks and drinks we offer reflect your unique needs and wants. Whether healthy, healthy-ish, treats, or some combination, they reflect your decisions. That’s why our motto is…You decide. If you believe as we do that each of us knows better than anyone what choices we should make for ourselves, then contact us today.