About Us

At Binta Vending our primary focus is to offer healthy snacks and drinks that are readily available and easily accessible with the latest vending technology.  

  • A broad selection of healthy snacks, drinks, and entree options
  • Consistently and frequently stocked machines with daily remote monitoring
  • A real option for employees to ‘eat-in’ with healthy choices
  • Employees that enjoy being at work more and are more productive–a great employer benefit!
  • Visually beautiful, distinctive-looking, reliable, and energy-efficient vending machines
  • An opportunity to provide input on what products you would like offered
  • Fast, efficient communication with suggestions/feedback from your employees with a QR Code on each machine
  • Convenience–accepting cash, coin, debit/credit cards and payments by smartphones, watches
  • Made in the USA machines that are compliant with the American with Disabilities Act and the Department of Energy conservation standards
  • Binta Sampling Events-Sample some of our tasty products and let us say thank you (offered where appropriate)

We would love to understand how we can meet your needs and provide is quality products that are readily available and easily accessible.

We believe that the ability to service our clients’ vending needs should be done with the highest quality, service and commitment for continuous improvement.  It is our responsibility and pleasure to meet your needs without compromise.

We offer a 60-day free trial with no strings attached.  If you are interested in receiving more information or you would like us to visit your facility, click here Or, call us at (314) 379-6378



Our vending machines leverage the latest technology including credit card, Apple pay, cash and coin.  They are beautifully decorated to reflect our focus on healthy options.   We supply quality products and healthy choices.

Service and Continuous Improvement

We replenish our machines regularly with the products your employees love, while also introducing some variety.  We will check-in with you regularly to confirm your needs are being met, and we encourage our customers to contact us directly with any ideas for improvement, product suggestions, or concerns.

We have demonstrated years of experience focusing on delivering superior service to customers and we look forward to delighting you.